Buy iPhone X and Get Apple Leather Case for Free

It has been a while since the official release of iPhone X. The feedback from customers is mostly positive toward this all-new iPhone design, except for the very high price offer. As of today, for example, you could buy an iPhone X 64GB model at $1090 and 256GB model at $1220. These are the iPhones unofficially imported, which means they do not have a proper warranty but are way cheaper than the ones offered by Falcon Tech KH (64GB at @1228 and 256GB at $1408).

With recent promotion from Falcon Tech KH, you can get a genuine Apple leather case when you purchase the iPhone X 256GB model. The case itself costs $69! A simple calculation could show us that this promotion would drop the price of the iPhone X 256GB model to $1339 ($1408 – $69). That’s a sweet offer!

With this new promotion, would you like to choose Apple products from an authorized distributor or cheaper ones but without warranty?