How to Enable Dark Mode on Windows 10

If you ever feel your eyes get hurt because of the reflective light from your PC screen, you may wish to try Dark Mode on Windows 10. The Dark Mode will turn your windows to dark color and change the text and icons to lighter color. This mode is useful for people who is working with their PC for a long period of time. Continue the reading if you wish to change your Windows 10 into the Dark Mode.

Step 1:

Click on "Start"

Step 2:

Click on "Settings"

Step 3:

Select "Personalization"

Step 4:

On the left panel, select "Colors"

Step 5:

Under "Choose your default app mode", choose "Dark"

After that your screen will look like this

Congratulation, you just made your Windows 10 into Dark Mode!

If you want to reverse back to Light Mode, simply start the process from Step to Step 5, and choose Light.

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