How to Set a Metered Network on Windows 10

You can set a metered network on Windows 10 to prevent automatic app updates and download large update files. This is useful when you temporarily connect to your computer to a mobile hotspot or any charged network  which your mobile carrier charges every MB you use.

Step 1:

Click "Start" and choose "Settings"

Step 2:

Choose "Network & Internet"

Step 3:

Choose "Wi-Fi" from the left panel.

Step 4:

Click on "Manage known networks"

Step 5:

Choose the network you want to set.

Step 6:

Choose "Properties"

Step 7:

Scroll down until you see the phrase "Set as metered connection"

Step 8:

Click on the toggle to "On"

After completing these steps, your selected network will not automatically download any updates in the background anymore.

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