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Today is November 4th, 2017, and it’s the release date of the iPhone X in Cambodia. Although there is no official Apple Store here, many local phone shops manage to get them on the same date as Singapore and other countries that Apple Store established. Pretty impressive, right?

However, do not expect the phones to be priced the same as those at the Apple Store. The price of the iPhone X 64 GB and 256 GB version at Singapore Apple Store is priced at $1,207 and $1,383, respectively. In Cambodia, the price is around $1,700 for 64GB and $1,800 for 256 GB version. That’s a big margin for the shop owners! With this price tag, there are still many rich people willing to buy, even though the price will drop gradually every day. I was personally told that the 256 GB version will be just around $1,300 at the end of the year. It’s worth the wait, isn’t it?

Recently, Falcon Tech Cambodia claimed itself as Apple Authorized Distributor of Apple products. They advertised that their products are¬†officially from Apple, have a one-year warranty, and are imported with proper tax paid. It is good news for Apple fans here (me too, actually :D), but their product availability is pretty late compared to the neighboring countries. Just a few days ago, they announced a pre-order of iPhone 8, which had been released on September 22nd, 2017 – more than a month late! But with official products with the one-year warranty, and hopefully with a reasonable price, I think it’s a better choice than to buy the iPhone X now.

Check out the new features of iPhone X here.

[Updated November 9th, 2017]

The price of the iPhone X is:
– iPhone X 64GB = $1,280
– iPhone X 256 GB = $1,490

[Updated March 8th, 2018]

The price of the iPhone X is:
– iPhone X 64GB = $1,030
– iPhone X 256 GB = $1,155

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