Is Wi-Fi Safe For Us?

Almost all of us have Wi-Fi router setup in our home. It’s very useful for our gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, and Internet of Things to stay “smart”. But is Wi-Fi signal safe for us? It is said the Wi-Fi can be damaging to ourselves and our children’s health.

Children’s Development

The Wi-Fi radio frequency can interrupt the children’s biological development, especially fetal development. Also, the radiation from the router can have an effect on growing tissues in children and young people. Therefore, the children are at higher risk because of the exposure to the Wi-Fi signal.


People who are living in an environment full of low-frequency modulation from Wi-Fi and smartphones have irregular patterns of sleep, and so they find falling asleep harder. And, lack of sleep can negatively affect our health!

Disturb Brain Function

The result of memory loss or difficulty in concentration is also from the exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies as well. Wi-Fi could lower our brain activity.


Being expose to Wi-Fi lowers the sperm motions and causes DNA fragmentation. It may have a negative effect on fertility and heighten the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

How to Prevent This to Happen?

Even though there are risks associated with Wi-Fi, we can still protect ourselves from it by following the below guides:

  1. Do not place Wi-Fi router in our bedroom.
  2. Do not put our smartphones in pockets.
  3. Use wired phone when possible.
  4. Pregnant women should not place smartphones near to their stomach.
  5. Use texting instead of talking.
  6. Do not use Wi-Fi baby monitors.
  7. Disconnect Wi-Fi devices before you go to sleep.


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