What’s New in iOS 12

June is a month when Apple is showing the world their new software roadmap for the year a head with their annual event – WWDC. This year, Apple announced iOS 12, its newest mobile operating system which they promise to double down the speed, espeically for older devices. So, what’s new in this iOS 12?

1. Speed

Apple said that the new iOS 12 will improve the overal speed of the devices. This mean app will run faster, keyboard will show up faster, and better multitasking speed.

2. Group FaceTime

This probably the most requested feature in iOS for a very long time. With iOS 12, FaceTime supports up to 32 people at once.

3. Memoji and Animoji

iOS 12 allows users to customize Animoji which match your appearance better. Of course, you can use this customized Memoji in iMessages and FaceTime, too! There are also four new Animoji in this new operating system as well – koala, tiger, ghost, or T. rex

4. Augmented Reality

ARKit 2 makes it possible for developers to create more immersive augmented reality experiences. AR objects can now be sent with Messages and Mail, then viewed in the real world. And a new AR app in iOS called Measure helps you measure real-world objects just by pointing your camera at them.

5. Screen Time

Screen Time is a new feature that helps give you a better understanding of the time you spend using apps, visiting websites, and on your devices overall. So you can better manage your time with your phone.

6. Group Notification

No longer will you see a long list of notification on your iPhone in the morning. Group Notification will sort the notification based on app and topic.

7. Do Not Disturb

Now you can set Do Not Disturb just for a meeting or while you’re at a location, and it will automatically turn off as soon as your event ends or you leave that place.

8. Photo Sharing and Photo Search

The new For You tab shows you great moments from your photo library and intelligently suggests sharing photos with the people in them. And if the recipients are using iOS 12, they’ll be prompted to share their photos from the event with you, too. Also, when you search your photo, your phone will intelligently suggest recent events or places even before you type them.

9. Siri Shortcuts

Siri got a bit smarter in iOS 12. Now you can set Shortcuts – or customized voice command – in apps. For your routine work, Siri will give suggestion right on your lock screen.

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