Why Notch Is Terrible for Some Smartphones?

If you look at the new phones releasing in this 2018, you will see most of them implement a notch in order to make the screen-to-body ratio bigger. Instead of increasing the overall size of the phones, manufacturers make the screen to almost no bezel. They have done this to the point they had to move home button or finger print scanner to somewhere else. Initially, this trend started from the most popular smartphone iPhone, and soon everybody follows. This solution, however, comes at a cost. Technology today can not embed the front camera into the display so they come up with an idea of using a notch. But why the notches are so terrible for some Smartphones?

I’m an Apple guy, but I’m not the Apple fan, interesting? That’s the way I am. However, when it comes to the notch implementation, I believe iPhones have the most reasonable and best notch design in the market. Ok, let me elaborate my point.

Apple has managed to trim down both the top and bottom bezel to the same thickness, so implementing the notch is a good idea. It enlarges the display screen to the maximum area and makes the overall design looks nice. I’m willing to accept the annoying notch with this design. Yet, if we look at other phone design, for example, Google Pixel 3 XL.

Not to mention about the super big notch, why bother designing a notch when the bottom bezel is almost as big as the top? If they cannot trim down the bottom bezel to the very edge of the screen, I think there is no reason at all to use the notch. It makes the overall design look awful and not practical too. Google Pixel is a great phone, and I almost switch to it, but with this design, I’m certain that I won’t be a Google customer anytime soon. If Google didn’t make that notch, the Pixel would be a very better phone.

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